In order to register for the National Prescription Drug Plan a person must:
  • Have a valid National Insurance number.
  • Be included among those to be covered.
    • NIB pensioners
    • NIB Invalids
    • Bahamian citizens age 65 or over
    • Child under 18 years of age or a young adult under 25 years of age (if full-time student)
    • Government employees
    • Indigents
    • Persons receiving NIB Retirement Grant
    • Persons age 60 and over in receipt of NIB Survivors Benefit/Assistance
    • Persons receiving 100% NIB Disablement Benefit
    • Women receiving ante-natal and post-natal care.
  • Complete a registration form (DP-1) and any other required form. 
  • Be diagnosed with one or more of the covered chronic diseases by a licensed physician.
  • Bring NIB card and valid government-issued ID when registering and collecting ACE Rx Card.

General Note:
Where a person is unable to register or collect a card in person due to incapacity, a written authorization is required for an appointed person to act on behalf the incapacitated individual.

  1. A parent or guardian must sign the registration form for children under the age of 18.
  2. Students age 18 – 24 years must verify full-time education status every six months to remain eligible for the Plan.
Pregnant Women:
In order to apply for the National Prescription Drug Plan in this group, one must:
  1. Be receiving ante-natal care, care connected with childbirth, post-natal care or any other medical care associated with pregnancy.
  2. Complete a Drug Plan Registration Form (DP-1) which must be accompanied by the Ante-natal/Post-natal Certificate (DP-6).
  3. Have your physician complete an Ante-natal/Post-natal Certificate (DP-6).
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE: Coverage is extended for only six months beyond the delivery date, after which benefits will cease.
In order to apply for the National Prescription Drug Plan as an Indigent, one must:
  1. Have an income of $210 or less per week ($10,920 or less per annum).
  2. Complete a Drug Plan Registration Form (DP-1) which must be accompanied by the Indigent Certification Form (DP-7).
  3. Have the Social Services Department complete an Indigent Certification Form (Form DP-7) on their behalf.
Registration is currently ongoing at any NIB Office throughout the Bahamas. Registration for persons in the next phases will take place at dates to be announced later.

Registration Process

Addition of New Conditions
In cases where new conditions develop after receiving the membership card, a registered NPDP member must complete a Change Form (DP-2 Form) to add the new conditions. The same procedure for registration is completed and conditions added to the member’s swipe card for use at any participating pharmacy.

Registration Forms

DP-1 Registration Form   DP-2 Change Form

NOTE: To complete a NPDP Change Form (DP-2 Form) follow the same procedure as for the NPDP Registration Form (DP-1 Form). This form is for individuals that have developed a new disease after becoming a member of NPDP.

NPDP Replacement Card Form   NPDP Ante-Post Natal Form  NPDP Indigent Certification Form