Healthy People Program

  • To develop a “ culture of wellness” in the population
  • To increase healthy life expectancy of population
  • To reduce health disparities among population groups
  • To complement treatment activities in the Drug Plan and other MOH Programs.


  • To provide support and grand funds on a project basis to public, private(non governmental) and community groups for defined activities in health promotion, health education and illness prevention initiatives;
  • To develop database and information sharing network for agencies, communities and individuals for enhancing awareness, knowledge and practices of healthy living and management of illness.

Scope of The Program:

  • Screening of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma and other diseases
  • Self – management (education) toolkits
  • Health education materials
  • School health activities
  • Obesity Control
  • Health education materials
  • Training
  • Research (including pre – and post – project) and publication
  • School health activities

Checklist for Assessment of Project Proposals

  • Is the project relevant?
  • Are all supporting documentation available and prepared according to instructions?
  • Is the project design-plan appropriate for the problems/issues being addressed?
  • Is the funding request reasonable for the project’s activities?
  • Are there other sources of funding for the project?
  • Is the project team appropriate?
  • Does the organization have a track record that suggest a high level of performance in the implementing the project?
  • Is the organization legally unencumbered to conduct business in The Bahamas?
  • Is the organization compliant with NIB payments?
  • Are the key team members fit and proper persons to conduct business?